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Pastor Laki “Pomaki” Kaahumanu

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Pastor Laki Pomaki (The Blessed One) is a native of Maui. Born and raised on the island on the island of his ancestors. He is a direct descendent of Queen Kaahumanu, wife of Hawaii’s legendary King Kamehameha who united the Hawaiian Islands. His devotion to his faith runs in his blood as Queen Kaahumanu, his great grandmother, was the person who brought Christianity to the island is the early 19th century. Pastor Pomaki answered his calling in 1992 when he established the Harvest Chapel Church of God. His selfless devotion to charitable causes has brought him international acclaim. In addition to establishing shelters on Maui, Pastor Pomaki has answered God’s calling by serving for other causes in other places where he devoted his time to helping the needy and healing the sick. Pastor Pomaki is now an Evangelist having founded the ‘Church on the Go.’ It is an honor to have Pastor Pomaki as part of our Ohana. He is a living link to Hawaii’s past. He is of the soil and spirit of Maui. He is proud to share his faith and devotion to his ancestors with you.

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  1. cheryl likeness · September 2, 2013 Reply

    How do I reach Pastor Laki by telephone? I am from Long Island, NY, and I am desperate for prayer for my mother, who has been diagnosed withadvanced kidney cancer and chronic leukemia. Please help me find him. Thank you, Cheryl Likeness. 631-786-2146

  2. Robert · April 27, 2015 Reply

    Call me at 388-8996
    Very important business.ftom an Old friend. Mahalo

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